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Neurona Health provides a one-time saliva test that determines your child's genetic predisposition to autism in addition to annual monitoring led by clinicians

The diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) has been constantly evolving throughout the years.

Originally thought to have been caused by “cold parenting,” in the 80s it was discovered that autism had a biological basis and affected childhood development.

Today ASD is widely recognized that there is no “one size fits all” autism diagnosis but that autism is a spectrum disorder defined by a variety of conditions.

The polygenic risk score (PRS) helps identify children at risk for ASD and allows for early intervention if necessary.

Scientific research shows that early intervention enhances a child’s development and enable them to reach their full academic and behavioral potential.


1 in 34 boys are identified with having autism


1 in 144 girls are identified with having autism

Studies estimate that ¼ of children with ASD are not diagnosed when they could be


Parents who have 1 child with ASD have as much as an 18% chance of having a second child with ASD with have autism


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