How It Works

How It Works


Neurona Health takes a unique multi-pronged approach to detect potential early signs of autism



Generate the genetic risk score

Parents will perform a cheek swab which will be used to generate a genetic risk score for their child. The genetic risk score will quantify their child’s risk of developing autism relative to the average population. This score is not diagnostic but it will identify if a child has a genetic predisposition for developing autism.

Clinical Questionnaires

After the genetic report is generated, parents will meet with a trained Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) to discuss the results. BCBAs are experts who are trained to work with children diagnosed with autism. Additionally, they can help explain what the risk score means and administer standard clinical screening tests for your child that are used to help detect autism.

Telehealth Consultations

Parents & children meet with BCBA’s twice a year at high-risk intervals to ensure any symptoms are detected early. Those deemed to be at the highest risk will be referred to further specialists for diagnosis and management.


By using the power of genetics, clinical experts and screening questionnaires we provide a comprehensive service to help screen for any early signs of autism.